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Basic Holistic Kinesiology

The spirit of this Master is to offer a full training in complementary medicines and Holistic Kinesiology. These courses will provide an enriching professional and personal experience. You have the possibility to take the full Master or to do it in several stages.

Advanced Holistic Kinesiology

Holistic Kinesiology is an integral test method which uses AR or Arm Reflex as per Van Assche. It is used to find and diagnose hidden alterations and hence determine the best therapy to use at each point.

It is a biofeedback system with no apparatus, which establishes a dialogue with the patient to find out, using test vials, reflex or pain zones etc., what the problems are. We will gain information on the priorities and the levels on which to work (structure, information, chemical, emotional etc.)

Complementary Medicines

During this course we will study different areas of complementary medicines with the aim to learn how to use more therapeutic tools. All our tutors in these fields are experts in their own areas and will impart high quality theory and practical level of teaching.

If we have, in addition, Holistic Kinesiology as a base we will see that the use of these tools is much easier and effective.

Family Holistic Kinesiology

This course is dedicated to families. We want to teach you the basis of Family Holistic Kinesiology in order to apply it to the most usual health disorders.

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